Saturday, September 25, 2010

Seeing Buried Is Worst Than Being Buried!

The Verdict:

It's beyond absurd a man trapped in a coffin, buried alive underground can survive without air for as long as Paul Conroy is trapped.
More absurd he has a cell phone and can't get rescued.
Buried is just an absurd movie that's excruciating to watch.

Buried is easiest the worst movie of 2010. I've never been so happy to see the credits rolling to a film. It was as I predicted, preposterous!
Ryan Reynolds (National Lampoon's Van Wilder, The Proposal) is the only actor (seen) in this thriller, disbelievingly playing a man, Paul Conroy, who finds himself in a coffin buried underground somewhere with only a cell phone, lighter and knife all while being held for a ransom of $5 million dollars.
With a cell phone, you'd think he'd be able to get out of the death trap he's in. Think again. Authorities don't believe him and keeps getting voice mails from loved ones when he does call for help.
After the first thirty minutes or so, I was hoping he'd either suffocate or get rescued already so the movie could end. Unfortunately there was an hour to go.
Sure the plot is original and there are some great camera angles and shots. Some storyline surprises are even tossed in that make Buried a little bearable. But not that bearable.
After Buried finally ended, audiences members let out loud sighs of relief to loud curses to loud laughing at the ridiculousness of what they just saw. I joined in. I wanted Reynolds to personally give me my $12 back.
If Buried ended after thirty minutes I would have been happy. But an hour and a half is too painfully long to watch a man in his premature grave make useless phone calls for help.
You will wish you are Paul Conroy buried in the coffin, instead of an audience member if you see Buried.


  1. You don't understand how hilarious I found this review. You had me rolling girl. I can tell how much u loathed this film. I was kinda interested in seeing it, but I will def save my $$ and time.

  2. Thanks Michelle!
    I really did loathe this film. It was def a waste of time and money.
    If you're curious to how bad it was, check it out once it's out on DVD or when it comes out on cable.
    I guarantee you'll be thinking, "WTF!"
    I think if Ryan Reynolds wasn't the guy trapped, I could have stomached it more. Talk about the most unlikely actor in a role!
    Also if the plot was more realistic. Come on, buried 6 feet underground and he's still breathing? Plus having a phone and he can't get out. AND he was kidnapped for millions. Sure.
    Check out the 2nd rule under the Rule of 3 states:
    So the movie really should have ended after 3 minutes!
    I wish!