Friday, October 29, 2010

See Saw

*(But for fans of the Saw series or watching this finale to the series is pointless. )

If you're a Saw lover, I don't need to tell you to go see the final chapter to the madness Jigsaw started. 
Filled with cool, complicated, deadly death traps for deserving victims that only exists in Saw's world and a ending that fans should love, Saw 3D: The Final Chapter is not to be missed. Although, the downside is the 3D. If you think blood and gore galore will be flying at you, think again. Drops of blood and gore is more like it. 2D would have been good enough.

I am not a fan of the Saw series.
It's probably my least favorite horror series.
The only reason I saw Saw 3D: The Final Chapter is because someone paid for my ticket for me to join them in seeing it.
I was though, curious if this seventh film in the seeming never ending Saw franchise really was the last (mum's the word!)--- but not curious enough to pay to see it for myself!
I've somehow stomached three earlier Saw movies (II, III and V). I saw the first one (II for me) just out of curiosity to see what the hype was about (and still don't know!).
The only thing I like about the Saw series is the origin of John Kramer/Jigsaw (played creepily and smartly by Tobin Bell)--- how after a botched suicide attempt after he learns he has a tumor, he appreciates life more and sets out to "help" wasteful people appreciate theirs by testing their will to live.
However, the nasty traps the victims are put into, which Saw fans seem to love the most, never wowed me in horror.
They pretty much make me laugh because they are so ridiculous.
But I must admit, in Saw 3D, some of the traps set up by Jigsaw's copycat are cool and made we wince a bit--- especially the opening trap with two guys, a girl and three fitting saws.
The way the story is told is good--- through flashbacks mixed with the present---although it was hard to tell at times which was which because I'm not familiar with the back stories for certain characters where their back stories are shown.
The added 3D factor is the worst thing about the film. What 3D? Because nothing significant (blood and guts) popped out the way I thought it would--- some of the trailers beforehand showed more 3D!
So how did it end?
Did Jigsaw somehow rise from the grave even though he was murdered in III?
Was this really the final chapter in the Saw series?
I want to give it away but I won't!
You will have to go see Saw 3D yourself to find out!
From the audience's reaction of whistles and claps, most (there was one guy who loudly displayed his distaste for the ending) Saw fans loved the ending.
But because I'm not a fan, of course I rolled my eyes and groaned.

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  1. nah kidd, you're right about the 3D factor, nothing really popped out, they just tried 2 cash in on the series popularity, but i really liked it, especially the ending, a nyce way 2 "finish" it, u KNOW, therez gonna be another one! the deaths in this one were really good, especially Chester's & the guy blindfolded on the planks, but the series keepz getting better & better, still not better than Part V, but close