Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Charlie Sheen the Movie Starring...

 (Charismatic and erratic actor, Charlie Sheen)

Inevitable, with Charlie Sheen everywhere in the news these days, a movie, either for television or for the big screen probably will be happening.

Which lucky actor would WIN the role of Sheen?

 Charlie Sheen 
(of course!)

With Sheen's massive ego, I wouldn't put it past him to request to star in his own biopic!

That would be very cool I have to admit.

Other actors who could pull off playing Sheen due to their uncanny resemblance to him:

Jason Bateman

 Nathan Fillion

 Kyle MacLachlan

Actors who don't resemble Sheen but would without a doubt nail his crazy antics to a tee due to their bouts of own zaniness at one point:

 William Baldwin

 Tom Cruise

 Joaquin Phoenix


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