Thursday, May 26, 2011

Over-the-Top, So-So Funny Hangover 2

The Verdict

So The Wolfpack--- Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, The Hangover) are back!
This time, the boys get hungover in Bangkok (and yes, the city's name is definitely joked upon sooner or later).
But unlike in the instant 2009 classic comedy The Hangover that provides unbelievably non-stop hilarity--- the sequel, though funny (but more so-so)--- expectantly falls short.
Part II of The Hangover is so over-the-top that it may just give you a headache trying to keep up with all the insaneness happening.
The Hangover: Part II is pretty much The Hangover: replacing Stu now getting married a la Doug, Alan drugging the gang with his medication instead of roofies, the tiger with a monkey (who sells drugs by the way and is... gay...), the baby with an old man monk in a wheelchair, Stu's missing tooth with a face tattoo and of course Vegas with Bangkok. *SPOILERS: New comic gimmicks include: someone loses a finger (Stu's fiancee's brother), Stu very very very drunkingly has sex with a male prostitute and Phil gets shot (really just grazed by the bullet).*
Part II is a lot more raunchy than the first (there's a lot of full frontal male nudity!), the "F" word flies around like crazy--- and contains one too many jokes that are political incorrect (think race). These additions don't make HO2 any funnier, just uncomfortable.
The original Hangover was a lot more simpler compared to Part II and it was a lot funnier because.
The colorful Chow (Ken Jeong) and Mike Tyson reunites with The Wolfpack which is great--- their roles, especially Chow's--- bring the "Oomph!"
The addition of Stu's fiancee's little brother Teddy was unnecessary. He didn't add anything. Instead of him being the one to get misplaced, it would make more sense for one of The Wolfpack to--- Stu particularly--- or Doug next--- since he was oddly missing for most of H20.
Paul Giamatti's (Sideways, Lady in the Water) character was another unnecessary character--- a gangster (Chow's "replacement")--- although necessary for what happens to a main character in the end.
If you are a die-hard lover of The Hangover--- definitely go see The Wolfpack back in action. 
If not, skip Part II because you will not die of laughing like from the original.
There's supposedly talk of a The Hangover: Part III... 
Triple the laughter? Or triple the aspirin!



  1. VERY nyce review kidd! i agree 100%, not as good as the 1st one, 2 much was going on & it felt like they were tryin 2 hard 2 outdo the 1st one! i din't like all those racial jokez either, nervous laughter was filled in the theater & it didn't even get a hand clap at the end. it was still funny at pointz but not laugh out loud funny like the 1st one!

  2. Thanks Harvey!
    Hopefully Part 3 (if it happens) will be funnier! The guys should go back to Vegas--- Bangkok sucked!