Monday, November 7, 2011

Why 3D Has Become Annoying

I recant all the gushing I made last year when I said, "3D is God's gift to film":
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3D is cool when used with the right film (Tron: Legacy and Sanctum are the very best 3D movies I've seen so far) but for the most part, 3D has become annoying because it isn't exclusive anymore- it's everywhere!

Too many films are being done in 3D- too many movies that have no business using 3D- ahem, the recently released A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

Contagion, the apocalyptic-esque movie about a world wide virus, is another film this year where you have to wonder, why was-this-made-in-3D?!? What really needed an emphasis to pop out? Germs?!? 
I saw it however in the alternative 2D, and it was fine, more than fine. I know if I would have saw it in 3D, I would have regretted paying close to twenty dollars to pointlessly wear 2 pair of glasses (I wear glasses when screen watching.).

 I see now why top critic Roger Ebert says he hates 3D and moviegoers should too:
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But I don't necessarily hate it. 

I just think movies with these elements work the most effective for 3D:

- fast driving

And that these genres are the best for 3D:

-children's (Pixar, Disney)

Comedies especially, romance and dramas- and 3D should not really mix.

Can you imagine the comedy Jack and Jill in 3D?
Or the biopic J Edgar?
Or the upcoming romantic comedy New Year's Eve?

What would be the point?

2012 will be jam packed with big name films in 3D:

-Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
-Men in Black III
-Underworld 4
-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
-The Great Gatsby

I'm more excited that (most of) these movies are coming out, not that they'll be in 3D.

Sorry 3D, you can be cool but I'll take a good old 2D movie any day!


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