Thursday, June 24, 2010


So Angelina Jolie has been cast as Egyptian queen Cleopatra in an upcoming film about the legendary queen. No surprise there. Jolie has the stunning looks and is a strong enough actress to take on being Cleopatra. She already has playing royalty down pat, as she played the Greek princess Olympias in the 2004 film Alexander (pictured above).
I believe no one else in Hollywood could play Cleopatra as Jolie can. She will bring not only beauty to the role, but pain, strength, and of course her famed sexiness.
Being a Jolie fan, I greatly anticipate seeing her take on the role as the queen of the Nile.

*Other Contenders I Can See Playing Cleopatra?

~Gemma Arterton

~Aishwarya Rai

~Catherine Zeta-Jones

~Zoe Saldana

~Kerry Washington

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  1. i would go with Gemma Arterton as a close 2nd!