Monday, June 7, 2010

Survival of the Living (To Stay Awake)

The Verdict:

I woke up exactly as "The End" flashed across the movie's big screen, ending George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead. No, I didn't sleep through the entire film, but I did doze off more than a couple of times during this snooze of a zombie flick.
A boring zombie movie? Yes, it is possible.
What was master of the zombie movie Romero (who wrote and directed it) thinking? Compared to his great 1968 Night of the Living Dead and innovative 2008 Diary of the Dead, Survival seems like a bad imitation Romero zombie film gone wrong.
There isn't one recognizable actor and the acting is under or over acted, the dialogue is ultra cheesy, the plot is non-existent, the zombies themselves are unimaginative and not even a bit scary with so-so make-up. With the backdrop of the film taking place mostly on open land (Plum Island, where there are less dead roaming about during the zombie plague) and the usage of horses and gun shoot outs--- Survival is part Western--- and part Foreign, as two of the main characters have hard to understand Irish accents (while most of the other characters are accent-less). Fans of Romero's zombie series should hope his next walking dead film has more bite than Survival. Theatres really really should provide pillows for this one.


*The Stars:

George A. Romero

Robert Carli


~How Long:
1 hr. 30 mins.


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  1. u hit this one right on the button...WACK, it started good then just drifted!