Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Fine Final Destination

The Verdict

This 5th Final Destination starring Death is one of the best installments in the series since 2003's Final Destination 2. The previous FD, 2009's The Final Destination, had a sucky set-up: Death claims it's victims at a race car tournament--- but FD5 is way better, with Death stalking it's victims on a bridge.
FD fans can rejoice because the deaths of Death's victims  are back to cool and gruesome! *Spoiler: A gymnast breaks herself in half, a guy getting acupuncture falls onto the needles--- but then a fire that Death starts causes his actual death due the ammonia the acupuncturist cleaned the acupuncture needles with and he burns up, and a girl going for LASIK eye surgery gets blinded by the laser then because she can't see--- walks into a window and falls out.)*
The one downside is the cast is mostly unknown and they don't display the most convincing acting, except for the creepy coroner (Tony Todd, Night of the Living Dead, Hatchet) who is in almost every FD (except 3 and 4). 
A cool addition to the series is there are new rules on how one can cheat death: If you kill someone--- they take your spot in Death and you live.
But the very coolest thing about FD5 is sorta a prequel to the series! *Spoiler: The ending ends on a plane and two of surviving characters (but not for long!) are actually on the plane that 2000's first Final Destination's Alex Browning (Devon Sawa, Idle Hands) and his class are on!*
Final Destination fans should be very pleased with this latest part in the series.
But beware to those afraid of crossing bridges because the collapsing bridge premonition in FD5 will only make your fear worse!




  1. nice review kidd, the ending is what everyone should c it for, but you're right, the cast was kinda wack & didn't do a convincing job, but compared 2 part 4, this was was way better, i did like the lead guy though

  2. Thanks Harvey!
    The ending was too cool!
    The lead character is Nicholas D'Agosto.
    Tony Todd was the best actor hands down!