Sunday, August 14, 2011

Next Final Destination Premonition Scenarios?


A Final Destination 6 and 7 may be in the works!

If that is true, Final Destination fans are probably counting off what premonition scenarios are left.

There's already been a plane crash (FD1), a car pile-up (FD2), a roller coaster malfunction (FD3), a race car accident (TFD) and the recent bridge collapse (FD5).

It may look like the good premonition scenarios have already been used but that's not the case at all. 

The most likely next scenario is:

A sinking ship.

An elevator collapse.

A fire.

A bank robbery gone wrong.

A massacre: a school or one elsewhere.

A rail road train derailment.
(although at the end of FD3, an underground train derailment happens).

I'm rooting for an elevator mishap, massacre or bank robbery.

I'm excited to see what premonition scenario the minds of Final Destination come up with next!



  1. this iz a VERY good entry, i like the elevator collapse & bank robbery even though i think they'll go with the sinking cruise ship! i like the ics that go with the descriptions!

  2. fire would prob be hard 2 do, but since they have all of this technology now anything is possible

  3. Thanks Harvey!
    you're right, a fire would be difficult to do--- in terms of how it would happen.
    An elevator and bank robbery scenario would be great!
    But you're right, the cruise ship will probably be used even though it's boring!

  4. Here are some more scenarios to think about: a stampede at a mall during Christmas, at a zoo with wild animals, during a drug filled orgy, circus accident, food poisoning at a shifty restaurant. I should call the studio heads and let them know of my ideas. Lol.

  5. Thanks Michelle! Out of all of your suggested scenarios, the circus accident could work!