Monday, August 2, 2010

Titanic 2

When I first read the news of a Titanic 2, I instantly became excited. Titanic is one of my all time favorite films, as well as one of the most epic films ever made I believe (along with most critics and fans). After over 10 years since it was released, a sequel seems due.
But when I didn't see Titanic's director James Cameron's name anywhere or even Leonardo DiCaprio's (though it would be impossible for him to be in a Titanic 2, since he died in Titanic. But hey, a girl can still dream!)--- I quickly became disappointed.
I was expecting maybe Michael Bay (blockbuster director/producer, Transformers, Armageddon) as the director or producer, but only saw an unknown one.
Not necessarily a bad thing, but when the actors are unfamiliar too, that's definitely not a good sign.
The only actor I recognize in the trailer (which looks like a TV movie) is Bruce Davison (who is most known as his mutant hater role, Senator Kelly from The X-Men series) as the captain.
Not a good sign.
Titanic 2 goes straight to DVD (thankfully!) August 24th, which is a good thing.
If this would have made it into theatres, I can't imagine the bad reception it would receive.
After the massive sucess of Cameron's Titanic, anything less is a waste.
I will eventually buy the DVD just because I'm curious about it.
The plot is interesting at least--- a new ship, Titanic 2, in 2012, is set to make the same voyage Titanic made 100 years ago. Can you guess what happens next?
At least the storyline doesn't try to pick up where Cameron's classic, beautiful 1997 Titanic left off.
Now that would have been a disaster!


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  1. u know this iz gonna be wack, especially since u don't know any of the actors!