Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Moviegoing Trend: Dinner (And Even Drinks) at the Movies

(A New Jersey movie theatre, AMC Menlo Park 12, offering audiences dinner with their movie.)

(An Arizona Ipic Theater, a movie theatre that offers dinner and drinks! to audiences with their movie.)

What a great idea! 

It's definitely about time dinner and drinks are offered at the movies:

I am dying to try out this new trend!

The biggest downside I see is with the serving of drinks.

Too many moviegoers are annoying and loud without the alcohol- imagine with it!

The other downside is the extra cost. Ticket prices keep rising, add a full course meal to it and that could keep more people away from the movies- at least movie theatres that carry the dinner option.

Nevertheless, dinner + drinks + a movie is a fun idea and I for one can't wait to devour it!


NY and NJ Theatre Locations with Dinner + Drinks+ a Movie:


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