Sunday, January 16, 2011

Touching No One Killed Jessica

The Verdict:  

No One Killed Jessica is a touching Hindi film inspired by the true story of Jessica Lal, a young Indian woman who was a rising model and a barmaid. She was shot dead in New Delhi in 1999, by the son of rich, powerful politician, because she refused to serve him a drink after the bar had closed. The politician's son Manu Sharma was at first acquitted of the murder because of his status but later on, sentenced to life in jail. 
This film greatly tells Jessica's tragic story through the eyes of her younger sister Sabrina (played silently strong by Vidya Balan, Ishqiya, Bhalo Theko) who wants justice for Jessica and a reporter (a feisty Rani Mukerji, Yuva, Saathiya) out to expose the truth of why Sharma was acquitted initially. 
No One Killed Jessica works well using tender scenes of flashbacks of Jessica (portrayed by the newest beautiful Bollywood actress, a vibrant Myra Karn who eerily resembles the real Jessica Lal) and her sister. The most heartbreaking scene is Jessica's actual horrific murder. The scenes of protest by supporters fighting for Sharma's case to be re-tried are especially poignant.
Expect to be drenched in tears. 
No One Killed Jessica is a moving movie that will excite almost every emotion out of you, from anger to sadness and by the last line of the film--- a smile.

(*The film is subtitled in English*) 


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