Friday, January 7, 2011

Sucky Witch Season

The Verdict: DON'T SEE!

Nicholas Cage doesn't deliver afterall.
Even the big named actor (Face/Off, National Treasure series) couldn't carry the super unexciting, extremely misleading Season of the Witch.
The trailer to the excruciating Season of the Witch, however, makes it look otherwise, in other words, good.
Cage isn't that unconvincing as a medieval knight  as I thought he would be (he doesn't display any fun eccentricities that he normally does in his roles) and Ron Perlman (Hellboy series) was pretty convincing as a knight--- it's the false title of the film and the confusing chain of events by the end of the movie that make Season of the Witch awful.
Why is the movie entitled Season of the Witch, when the movie doesn't really focus on any season of witches (except at the beginning of the film where three supposed witches are hung and drowned)? 
The girl, called just that (relatively unknown Claire Foy) who is accused to be a witch who brought the Black Plague, and who Behmen (Cage) and Felson (Perlman) must transport to a monastery to break her curse--- turns out not to be a witch afterall... And no, that's not a good thing. *SPOILER: She's a demon. She eventually turns into her true form, a gargoyle looking, talking male monster.*
To make things worse, Behmen and Felson suffer a surprisingly unexpected not good at all fate (*SPOILER: They die.*).
But I was glad because I knew that meant the movie was almost over.
With a better script, definitely a different title and a more believable lead actor as Behmen, Season of the Witch could be a really good movie, instead of the misleading mess it is.
Hopefully Cage won't pick up a sword and don a knight costume anytime soon!




  1. well, 2 sum thingz up, it lookz like Nicky boy was broke kidd, this remindz of that wack knight movie with jason statham, i kinda figured this was gonna be wack, but anytime u c these big name actorz in these kinda of moviez, u know why!

  2. Harvey, thanks! I agree, Cage was def in need of $$$ to put his name on a movie this crappy. It does remind me of that Jason Statham knight movie (In the Name of the King), which was equally bad! A rewrite of the script and a better lead actor however could have saved it though.

  3. I didn't even have to read, but I'm not surprised a Nic Cage movie sucks. He hasn't put put anything entertaining since Ghost Rider.