Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Mash-up Smash!

The Verdict

Yes, cowboys and aliens are in the same movie as well as James Bond and Indiana Jones!

Cowboys and Aliens (based on a graphic novel) is easily the coolest movie of the summer.
Daniel Craig (the newest 007: 2006-present, this is his Steve McQueen cowboy moment (who he eerily resembles). Gone of course is his British accent, replaced with an American one. It's weird to hear but pretty decent sounding.) is meant to play silent but tough cowboy Jake Lonergan who wakes up in an Old West town with no memory and an alien device on his arm that lights up and can blast stuff. Co-star, or maybe the real star, the great Harrison Ford (The Fugitive, Indiana Jones series) is the gruff, no-nonsense Colonel Dolarhyde whose son is abducted by the aliens (referred to as "demons" and "monsters" by the townsfolk) when they take half of the town one night. Longeran and Dolarhyde clash at first but team up together to get their people back from the aliens. 
The aliens (made from great CGI!) are very cool--- they're not the stereotypical "little green men"--- they are slimy, tall, muscular, mean as hell and have two sets of arms! 
There's also a great twist near the ending involving Olivia Wilde's  (Tron: Legacy) mysterious Ella character.
Cowboys & Aliens looks authentically Western with a saloon, Indians, stagecoach robbers and lots of desert and authentically alien with the alien's cool dragonfly-esque looking space ships that zoom down like lightning to take people and the huge mother ship where they house humans to be dissected. 
Cowboys and aliens within the same movie may sound preposterous and silly but it's anything but--- and nothing but fun!
Here's to a Cowboys & Aliens sequel (the ending leaves the perfect set up for one), Craig starring in more cowboy flicks and maybe another cool movie genre mash-up. 
Samurai and Zombies anyone?


*Fun Film Facts*

~Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes series) was the original actor wanted for the Jake Lonergan character Daniel Craig plays.



  1. very good review, not giving away any big cluez, robert downey jr woulda made a bad jake, daniel craig just has the look!

  2. Thanks Harvey!
    I agree--- Downey would have been too silly probably. Craig has good potential to make cowboy movies cool again!I liked that Ford was sorta bad. The great cast made the movie even though the plot was cool but the wrong two stars would have ruined it. There has to be a sequel in the works!