Sunday, July 17, 2011

Text at the Movies

It's a no-brainer that the number one rule when at the movies watching a movie is: 

But with cell phones everywhere, what about texting during a movie?

Recently in one Texas' Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre, a woman was kicked out for texting:



I don't think so if she was texting with no sound.

I do think it's necessary is she was texting with sound--- that would be the equivalence of talking.

I've text during the movies, but rarely--- and when I have, it was a brief conversation--- but more importantly--- there was no sound. And also, I've had enough courtesy to text within my purse or in my lap so the phone's light won't disturb anymore near me.

Texting (excessive texting in particular) at the movies sounds pretty redundant--- you're there to watch the movie, not text on your phone--- but if you have to text (an emergency, boredom)--- it's best to:

1) Turn the key's sound OFF! 

2) Hold the phone downward so the light doesn't bother anyone.

3) Step outside of the theatre auditorium, just as you would do with a phone call. 

 If someone doesn't have the common-sense to follow these simple steps--- then if forced to leave--- they rightly deserve to be kicked out of the movies!


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