Monday, July 25, 2011

Phil the Devil




(Bradley Cooper's ladies man character Phil Wenneck from 2009's The Hangover.)

Phil/Bradley Cooper will play Lucifer in the upcoming movie, Paradise Lost, based on John Milton's epic poem of the same title:

Talk  about bad casting!

 Of all of Hollywood's wonderful actors, so-so Cooper is cast to take on the role of Lucifer?

His good looks seemingly don't even fit into the picture as he supposedly looks  a la:

(Concept art of Bradley Cooper as Lucifer in the upcoming movie Paradise Lost.)

It's mind-boggling why a seasoned, legendary actor wasn't cast for Lucifer--- especially since Milton's poem is so classic.

I wish any of these old pros were playing Milton's devil:

Al Pacino would be my top pick. 

He already mastered playing the Devil in 1997's The Devil's Advocate (ironically his devil's name was: John Milton).

Anthony Hopkins would be wonderful as the Devil. 

He didn't officially play the Devil in any roles but he played a devil: the infamous cannibal Hannibal Lecter in 1991's Silence of the Lambs.

Jack Nicholson would make another great Lucifer without a doubt. 

He too as Pacino, played the so well Devil already: in 1987's The Witches of Eastwick.

 Roberto De Niro would have made a very good Lucifer too. 

He played the Devil in 1987's Angel Heart.

Christopher Walken would have been another great choice for Lucifer.

He knows how to play bad, as he played one Lucifer's bad angels in 1995's The Prophecy.

A younger actor than those above, but more experienced (and even better looking) than Cooper, could be his perfect replacement:

Brad Pitt played "Death" in 1998's Meet Joe Black, not the Devil but close enough.

I just cannot see nor do I want to see, hangover loving Phil Wenneck/Bradley Cooper playing Lucifer.

Is there time for a recast?!?



  1. Bradley just might be able to surprise us. It's probably because it's hard to see a "nice guy" play the role of Lucifer. One small example would be Jared Padalecki who played Lucifer in season 5 of the tv show Supernatural. Although his character plays the "nice guy", he did a great job in capturing the devil's sinister charm. I think Bradley might be able to pull it off and show his range as an actor.

  2. I also wanted to add that Roseann Barr played a "devil like" character in the 1989 revenge comedy "She-Devil". Lol.

  3. Thanks Michelle! Maybe Cooper will be a great devil... but I just don't see him convincingly pulling off playing an evil character. A suave devil, yes!
    P.S. I saw "She-Devil" but didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped to. Another female devil character was in "Bedazzled" with Elizabeth Hurley, which I did enjoy a lot!