Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catwoman Returns?

(Michelle Pfeiffer as the sexy, villainess Catwoman in 1992's Batman Returns)

There are rumors prowling about that Batman's and everyone's favorite sexy cat, Catwoman, may return to the big screen in Christopher Nolan's third installment in his Batman film vision, The Dark Knight Rises.

Supposedly Nolan is meeting with particular popular actresses:

Rachel Weisz
Naomi Watts
Blake Lively 
Anne Hathaway
Keira Knightley
Natalie Portman 

as he searches for two women to play:
a villainess and a love interest of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 2012 summer movie The Dark Knight Rises.

Catwoman would be the most fitting villianess.

Although there's speculation that Talia Al Ghul, Ra's Al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson in 2005's Batman Begins) daughter may be the villianess that makes it into The Dark Knight Rises instead.

A brand new villianess that hasn't been seen on the screen yet would be great---
but Catwoman makes the most sense to be the villianess in the Knight Rises.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle hasn't been seen in Gotham City since 1992's Batman Returns.

After 19 years, her fans all will agree, it's time for Catwoman to return! 

 But who could possibly fill the skintight, black latex catsuit that Michelle Pfeiffer so fabulously filled? Which actress could play Catwoman as flawlessly sexy and crazy as Pfeiffer did?

My number one pick is easily:

Angelina Jolie.

There's no doubt she could wear the catsuit and nail Catwoman's twisted personality perfectly. 

Ex and first Catwoman on the screen ever (from the 60's Batman t.v. series), 
Julie Newmar, has said, "Angelina would own the part."

 Other great contenders I believe could nail Catwoman today are:

Charlize Theron

Milla Jovovitch

Bryce Dallas Howard

 Olga Kurylenko

Gemma Arterton


Eva Green

Catherine Zeta Jones

Rachel Weisz

Famke Janssen
 Leslie Stefanson

Dina Meyer

Brittany Daniel

Some interesting contenders are:

Lucy Liu

Penelope Cruz

Christina Aguilera

If Catwoman makes a return in 2012, hopefully her catsuit is similar to Pfeiffer's stunner:

Not Halle Berry's 2004 Patience Philips' un-cat looking costume:

Or the more utilitarian costume in recent Batman comics:

 Although I have a feeling this more practical Catwoman costume would be worn by Catwoman.

Pfeiffer was so excellent acing Catwoman/Selina Kyle I almost don't seeing any other actress at the time putting on the catsuit as perfectly as she did except for these few actresses:

Sharon Stone

 Kim Basinger

 Demi Moore

 Elisabeth Shue


And although Berry played the newest version of Catwoman pretty well, I believe a couple of other actresses could have done equally good or better:

Vanessa Williams

Rosario Dawson

Zoe Saldana

Out of the supposed list of Nolan's contenders to play perhaps Catwoman, besides Rachel Weisz, the other actresses seem unlikely to be able to pull off playing the complex, sexy, villainous Catwoman.

Hopefully Catwoman will return to the big screen in 2012 in The Dark Knight Rises.

But only if the actress cast is as purfect as Pfeiffer's Catwoman.



  1. another good post kidd, i really like the Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, Leslie Stefanson
    , Dina Meyer ones, cuz they have the height & MILF factor & sexiness that can capture the part. Milla Jovovich could be another good cuz the way she played the part in Stone, she was convincing.Catwoman has 2 have the black leather suit, or the purple one with the knee high boots from the comics, the custome with the big goggles is better than Halle Berry's!

  2. Harvey, thanks! I'd kill to see Angelina play Catwoman! She's purrfect!!! Sharon Stone def would have been as good or better than Michelle P. Leslie Stefanson and Dina Meyer would both make a great new Catwoman. However, you know they're both not big enough to take on the role. Too bad.Milla J. looks 20-ish but she's 30+ and seasoned enough to play Catwoman. When I was watching Stone, I was imagining how great she'd be as Catwoman actually. I just hope a younger actress doesn't get the role (now or eventually). Catwoman initially in the comics was older, not some teen or early 20-something. I'd love for her to have the tight, black costume (or even the purple) again but the costume will probably be revamped. The new googled Catwoman in comics now I don't like, but I prefer that to Halle's so-so costume!

  3. exactly, catwoman has 2 be a MILF kidd, only way it gotta be!

  4. i like the new people u added, Demi Moore would be VERY good & also Vanessa Williams, Elizabeth Shue, Rosario would be good, but she still lookz a little 2 young, 2 be catwoman u gotta be over 35

  5. Harvey--- HA! (to CW being a MILF)
    True, Rosario (& Zoe for that matter) look too young to play her, but I bet they'd been as good as Halle playing her + they'd look great in the suit! Vanessa Williams would have really out topped Halle I believe.

  6. Rosario Dawson would have been awesome. Penelope Cruz too!! ^^ Everyone you mentioned would have been better that Ann Hathaway. She completely lacks sex appeal that Catwoman should have.On the list of actresses they were considering,they should have gone with rachel weisz.

  7. @Anonymous: Thanks for the comment! Anne actually wasn't bad! I liked her even as Selina. But Angelina Jolie my top pick- would have been insane compared to her- even Rosario or Penelope. Rachel def would have nailed her too!