Sunday, November 21, 2010

Exciting Next Three Days

The Verdict: 

The Next Three Days is one of the most electrifying drama/thrillers of 2010--- if you can make it through the slow-paced first hour that builds up for the hold-your breath second half. Russell Crowe is great to watch as a man that goes through every length possible to break his wife accused of murder, out of jail. Partly reminiscent of The Fugitive and Bonnie and Clyde, The Next Three Days delivers on the action and a solid plot with clever twists up to the end. The downside is Crowe carries the film (I didn't find the casting believable for most of the other characters) and the wonderful Liam Neeson's role is a blink and you miss him type one.

1 comment:

  1. yup this movie was the real deal, but as u said the actors i had never heard off, the detectives were weak except 4 the black guy & woman, & liam Neeson should have helped him later on, Crowe was perfect as the lead guy, i liked how they built it up, kinda like a character study. Also, i like your new profile pic, it lookz like the jordan logo!