Friday, November 12, 2010

Not A Very Pretty Skyline


Combined with the worst casting seemingly ever, cheesy acting and a lost plot, Skyline simply sucks.
The only thing cool about this alien flick is the cool looking aliens (although they resemble robots more).
The tagline is "Don't Look Up." 
It should be "Don't Go See."

I wish I would have seen any of the other films that opened this weekend--- yes even the documentary Cool It, on global warming, rather than the sci-fi/alien invasion super bust, Skyline.
Skyline (directed by and special effects done by, Brothers Strause, Alien vs. Predator: Requiem) looked so good in the trailer, yet the actual movie is anything but.
The best things in the film are the amazing special effects, especially of the slimy monster, yet robotic looking aliens and when the coolest scene in the movie--- the scene from the theatrical poster (posted above) is actually played out.
The bad things are aplenty.
Starting with the cast. 
I didn't expect Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to star but one of the former Doublemint and Sweet Valley High twins (Brittany Daniel, Club Dread) and Donald Faison from 1995's Clueless in lead roles?
Joining them are: Eric Balfour (2003's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Scottie Thompson (Star Trek) and David Zayas (The Expendables). 
Interestingly all these actors and actresses have more t.v. acting experience than film acting, in which they should stick to just that--- t.v. acting.
The acting is so cheesy most of the time you have to laugh and roll your eyes and wish you have a huge mute button.
Perhaps that's because the script (unbearably written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell) is so weak.
Even in an alien film, some reason why the aliens are attacking should be brought up. 
Skyline doesn't explain not even a hint why these robotic aliens with their blinding, blue light eyes are sucking humans into their ships, what is the blue light exactly and why does the blue light turn those who mistakenly stare into it into zombies pretty much.
The second half of the movie is like watching someone play a video game--- air fighting simultaneously with ground fighting between the humans and aliens--- there's so much going on--- most of it pointless.
The ending seems like something out of an entirely different movie and how Skyline ends, I dread to say, there may be a Skyline 2 sometime in the future to come.
Take Skyline's poster tagline mock warning "Don't Look Up" and replace it with my real warning: Don't Go See!



  1. no need 4 a review, u summed it up right here!

  2. u summed it up exactly, when donald faison got killed off, i was saying where iz this movie going? the spanish guy had a pointless battle with the alien in the room, but the acting was really bad! i didn't like the setting of it either, a LA skyriser?

  3. Anything with Eric Balfour never gets any good reviews. That goes for tv and movies. When his name is mentioned, you pretty much know it's the kiss of death. Lol!