Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sexy & Sweet Burlesque


Burlesque oozes sexiness of course thanks to the racy costumes and dance numbers--- and sweetness from Christina Aguilera's loveable character. Singer turned actress Aguilera is pretty great in her debut acting role--- playing a girl with a hidden killer singing voice who moves to L.A. in hopes of making it big and finds herself working at Burlesque Lounge--- first as a waitress, then as a star. Singer/Actress Cher is simply fabulous as the owner of Burlesque Lounge. Stanley Tucci is a hoot as her gay best friend and stage manager of the theatre while Cam Gigandet supplies plenty of eye candy. Burlesque is nothing but pure fun. The performances--- from the song to dance numbers are wonderful to watch. Aguilera and Cher fans will love this flirty film without a doubt.

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